[squid-users] Running squid on a machine with only one network interface.

Ataro ataro at protonmail.ch
Mon Jun 27 20:45:19 UTC 2016

Hi there,

I've set up a FreeBSD machine inside a VirtualBox machine and used IPFW to forward all the requests to the internet through a squid server running on the same machine in port 3128 in intercept mode.

The problem is that I get 403 http responses on every site I try to access to, even on the sites that I've explicitly allowed in the squid.conf file.

I also get a warning message on the tty that squid is running on (I've run squid in no daemon mode) which says: Warning: Forwarding loop detected for:.....

I guess that this error occurs since the squid server and the IPFW firewall are running on the same machine which have only one network interface.

Am I right?


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