[squid-users] Some websites doesn't work with squid anymore

Amos Jeffries squid3 at treenet.co.nz
Mon Jun 27 13:30:14 UTC 2016

On 28/06/2016 1:13 a.m., Adam Wright wrote:
> Nothing changed, I'm still trying to understand what's going on. I'm trying
> different scenarios. I ended up something very interesting.
> When I use the 4g internet of my mobile phone with squid, those websites
> works! But with my adsl connection, those websites doesn't work.
> Is it possible for an ISP to filter and block a website even using squid
> proxy server?

Yes it is possible for your ISP to be doing things even when you use
Squid. To them its almost no difference than you not using Squid.

Some of the reports I saw about this error turned out to be Chrome
bypassing the proxy and being blocked doing its proprietary things on
private channels. Thats why I asked what your access.log mentioned.

It might also be IPv6 related. Mobile networking is a lot more advanced
in use of IPv6 than many DSL type ISPs. If the ISP is dropping (not
rejecting) some traffic, then you could easily see connection hanging
behaviour which the browser reports as zero-sized reply [request went
out, nothing came back].


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