[squid-users] flickr.com redirect error

Rafael Akchurin rafael.akchurin at diladele.com
Sat Jun 25 06:14:11 UTC 2016

Hello Amos,

The Via from mine is:

Via:"http/1.1 fts110.flickr.bf1.yahoo.com (ApacheTrafficServer [cMs f ]), http/1.1 r02.ycpi.ams.yahoo.net (ApacheTrafficServer [cMsSf ]), 1.1 qlproxy (squid/3.3.8)"

Might it be the error when constructing via contents in squid? As it starts with 1.1 while other constructed by Yahoo all start with http/1.1 ?

Best regards,

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On 25/06/2016 3:40 a.m., Ozgur Batur wrote:
> Hi Rafael, Yuri,
> Thank you very much, "via off" did the trick. It is probably a server 
> specific issue as you said.

Hmm. What was the Via header emitted by your proxy?

There are some common misconfigurations that can lead to a broken Via being sent and various resulting strange behaviour.


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