[squid-users] URL access based on AD group membership

Nilesh Gavali nilesh.gavali at tcs.com
Sat Jun 18 13:05:05 UTC 2016

Hello Amos;
I am able to configure the same as guided, Thanks for help. One query I 
have now.
Currently I have configure squid with AD kerberos auth. also url access 
restricted based on  AD group membership.

Now I observed, is that when I add any user to one of the AD group which 
allowed in squid.  it is not accepting the changes until I restart the 
squid service.
Is this the way squid behave or do I need to follow different procedure. 
So once user added to AD group it will recognised by squid on the fly 
without restarting squid service.

Nilesh G.

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On 18/06/2016 2:24 a.m., Nilesh Gavali wrote:
> Team;
> Need expert help here,
> here is my set up - as of now squid integrated with Windows 2012R2 AD, 
> with kerberos - working fine. 
> Now I want to restrict Internet access for user based on their AD group 
> membership. I tried loads of options from various site but no luck. not 
> sure what is going wrong.

You are repeatedly making the same mistake and posting a new thread
asking the same question over and over. The answer already given won't
change much.

Perhapse you need to read the whole FAQ page from the beginning:



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