[squid-users] sslpassword_program

creditu at eml.cc creditu at eml.cc
Sun Dec 18 19:13:35 UTC 2016

I'm having trouble getting the sslpassword_program working for an
encrypted key.  Config looks like this:
sslpassword_program /usr/local/bin/pass.sh 
https_port accel vhost cert=/etc/squid/www.crt

On start, cache log states "Ignoring https_port due to
SSL initialization failure."
On stop, console states "Failed to acquire SSL private key
'/etc/squid/private.key': error:0200100D:system library:fopen:Permission

Removing the passphrase from the private key, squid starts normally. 
Permissions on the encrypted and non-encrypted keys are the same.  I
also tried putting the pass.sh program in /bin.  The pass.sh program
looks like this:
echo "testing"

The hash of the private key modulus and the certificate modulus match as

Am I missing something? This is on squid 3.1.

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