[squid-users] squid bind username to same ip but different port

--Ahmad-- ahmed.zaeem at netstream.ps
Tue Dec 13 14:18:18 UTC 2016

hey squid users .
i  have a question .

say i have 1 ipv4 and with 100 ports opened  with http directive .

say i have 100 user/pwd for squid.

the question is how can i bind each user to ip:port

i mean i don’t want each user to be available on each port .. i just want to bind each port with usr/pwd

as example , the result will be like 


ip will be same .
so i don’t want the result  of

ip:port1:user2:pwd2 work … i only want ip:port:user1:pwd1

im not sure if the directive :

external_acl_type type-name %SRC %LOGIN /path/to/ext_file_userip_acl -f /path/to/config.file

will help becuase its description on ip/mask , not ip:port

kind regards 
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