[squid-users] Using Squid with 1 NIC

Yuri Voinov yvoinov at gmail.com
Sat Apr 23 17:50:15 UTC 2016

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I've based on op's diagram. We are know nothing about what he want.
Thelepaty on Bali on vacation.

23.04.16 23:46, Antony Stone пишет:
> On Saturday 23 April 2016 at 19:12:56, Yuri Voinov wrote:
>> http://wiki.squid-cache.org/ConfigExamples/Intercept
> Surely there's no reason to have to set up intercept mode (unless the
OP can't
> configure the applications to use an explicit proxy)?
> I'm assuming the gateway does outbound NAT to the Internet
> (otherwise nothing would work), so all that's needed is to set up
Squid on
> to allow access from, with a default
gateway of
>, and then configure each of the 192.168.1.x client
machines to use
> as their proxy server?
>> 23.04.16 23:08, Tom Ku пишет:
>>> Hi All,
>>> I know this question has been beaten to death but I can't seem to find
>>> any answers via google.  So i'm trying to set up a Squid proxy for my
>>> VMware infrastructure.  I have multiple port groups networks and I plan
>>> to put a Squid server in each port group to monitor network/internet
>>> traffic.  So I would like my setup like this:
>>> - Gateway
>>> ^
>>> l
>>> l
>>> l
>>> Squid Proxy -
>>> ^
>>> l
>>> l
>>> l
>>> VMs (clients - 192.168.1.x/24)
>>> Now i can only have 1 NIC on the Squid server.  I've read that
>>> iptables will probably have to be configured.  Any help would be
>>> appreciated.
> I think one important thing you have missed out is why you need to use
> at all in such a setup?  What are you trying to achieve by
implementing it,
> instead of just giving all clients direct access to the Internet?
> Antony.

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