[squid-users] Never expire any object Squid configuration

Veiko Kukk vkukk at xvidservices.com
Wed Apr 20 07:24:00 UTC 2016


We have a Squid between our server application and openstack swift 
backend in accel/reverse mode with store-id configuraton (to strip 
temporary authentication URL-s). We want that any object that has been 
stored in squid cache is never again fetched from source and never again 
checked if it is fresh. Well, never in this case could be one year.

Relevant section from current configuration:

refresh_pattern -i ^https:\/\/AUTH_.*squid.internal.* 526000 100% 526000 
override-expire ignore-reload ignore-no-store ignore-private store-stale 

With this configuration, we still see lots of TCP_REFRESH_MODIFIED/200 

How must Squid be configured to completely disable any refreshes? Those 
objects never change after they have been created and we only want them 
to be pushed out from cache by cache replacement policy.

I read from old post 
http://www.squid-cache.org/mail-archive/squid-dev/201108/0029.html that 
if client requests object without etag and server sends with etag, then 
Squid fetches object again. How to disable this?

Best regards,

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