[squid-users] Slowly rising CPU load (eventually hits 100)

squid at peralex.com squid at peralex.com
Mon Apr 18 12:42:32 UTC 2016

> Thanks.  The current maximum_object_size_in_memory is 19 MB.
>> In summary, dealing with in-RAM objects significantly larger than 1MB
>> bigger the object, the longer Squid takes to scan its nodes.
>> Short term, try limiting the size of in-RAM objects using
>> maximum_object_size_in_memory first. If that solves the problem, then,
>> most likely, only cached objects are affected.

This seems to have fixed (or rather worked around) the problem.  I've
set maximum_object_size_in_memory down to 1 MB, and I haven't had
problem in more than a week.

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