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Yuri Voinov yvoinov at gmail.com
Sun Apr 10 11:56:57 UTC 2016

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10.04.16 17:54, Eliezer Croitoru пишет:
> Hey Yuri,
> I will try to put up a "status" page for some of the project web
services in order to describe\explain the current status of the down time.
Good idea, Eliezer. Really good.
> How long is it "long enough" that you mean\know?
I've observed half-hour - hour. Usually less, but it depends...
> If for example the project page would be down for a whole day as a
rest day it would be acceptable if the work days and hours are during
the week.
> If the case is that an upgrade\update of systems is done only on
weekends without preparations during the week then it would be very
acceptable to not have down time during the weekend.
> I do not know RedHat or SUSE and others policy of
updates\upgrades\patches and other things but they do not reveal to me
their "secret" for high up-time.
> My assumption is that it requires more "time" more "work hours" more
"voluntaries" and many other things which are too much for a single
human to handle by himself alone.
> Eliezer
> * I believe that more support for any project is one of the big
secrets of the black magic of up-time.
> On 10/04/2016 14:31, Yuri Voinov wrote:
>> Yep, I understand. Simple this occurs some often and take long enough

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