[squid-users] Sending intermediate certificate with SSL-Bumped Certificate. (V3.5.1516-3-2-r14000)

Amos Jeffries squid3 at treenet.co.nz
Thu Apr 7 17:59:40 UTC 2016

On 7/04/2016 5:25 a.m., Nicolaas Hyatt wrote:
> Amos,
> Thanks for your quick response and your time. I have not yet messed with
> 4.0. Is this something that may find its way into the 3.x stable branch
> at some point?

Maybe. I am reliant on the guys doing OpenSSL code (aka. Christos) to
test the backporting though. So it will depend on whether he thinks its
important enough.

I'm hopeful, but no guarantees.


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