[squid-users] Squid 3.5.16 and vary loop objects (bug ?)

Silamael Silamael at coronamundi.de
Wed Apr 6 06:29:00 UTC 2016

On 04/05/2016 02:35 AM, Amos Jeffries wrote:
> On 5/04/2016 2:44 a.m., FredB wrote:
>>> Thanks I will test, I confirm the problem still present after a while
>>> Eg: this object seems never cleaned/fixed from cache
>> No more success with fresh cache, after 5 minutes the messages appears again and again 
>> Joe is right there is a bug somewhere 
> The only Vary related change between .15 and .16 was the CVE fix
> <www.squid-cache.org/Versions/v3/3.5/changesets/squid-3.5-14016.patch>.
> I am suspicious of the +1 being added in src/store_swapmeta.cc. There is
> a TODO next to it. Would you mind trying without it?
> I expect the cache will need clearing to make that change operate
> properly after the change. But if it is the problem the loops should not
> return like they do now.
> Amos

As I'm currently updating too: is this a bug or have I only to clear the
old cache directories to prevent these error messages?


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