[squid-users] Sending intermediate certificate with SSL-Bumped Certificate. (V3.5.1516-3-2-r14000)

Nicolaas Hyatt spider at smoothnet.org
Tue Apr 5 22:49:39 UTC 2016

I know I'm a few minor revisions behind, but I am a little confused as 
to if it is possible to request squid include the configured certificate 
along with the certificate generated. I know that this is somewhat 
confusing to read.

+Root (Self Signed) CA Cert
`+ Intermediate Certificate (Used by squid.)
  `- Squid Auto Generated Certificate

I have the Self Signed Root CA Cert installed on all the systems, but 
the Intermediate Certificate is not sent by squid, so the trust chain 
fails. I have been reading threads here and there and saw a post form 
Amos a bit ago (referring to squid v3.3) where there may (or may not) 
have been a configuration option to modify squid's behavior to do as I 
am requesting, but details in the thread do not include the 
configuration directive.

If this is not a valid feature, I understand, and can fully accept that 
answer, I'm not complaining about free software!

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