[squid-users] Inconsistent accessing of the cache, craigslist.org images, wacky stuff.

Eliezer Croitoru eliezer at ngtech.co.il
Wed Oct 28 21:16:14 UTC 2015

Hey Jester,

I know that installing bind would probably not be much of a trouble and 
I recommend to use it instead of using dnsmasq.
It will do everything much better even if you are using it as a 
forwarder and not a recursive DNS service.


On 28/10/2015 20:24, Jester Purtteman wrote:
> So, I just installed dnsmasq on two of my servers, pointed my clients toward that address, and so far it is working a whoel lot better.  My hit rate is up in the 10% range, and that is with a nearly empty cache, so that may be the trick.  I only made the change about a short time ago.  More importantly, that error in the log has gone away and I am getting consistent caching behavior, so that is huge.
> Thank you!

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