[squid-users] Ssl-Bump and revoked server certificates

Sebastian Kirschner s.kirschner at afa-finanz.de
Tue Oct 27 12:18:46 UTC 2015

Hi Amos,

> You may need to use key_extras feature for now to send the SNI logformat value explicitly in a new key=value field.
Could you give me a hint where I find informations about that ? 
I searched in Wiki and google but only find a possibility to sending key_extras for auth_param,
also if it's possible how / where I could search for the "value" names like "sni-send-from-client".

> Or you could look at making a patch to send the SNI instead of HTTP level "domain" from the CONNECT. Any help getting these annoyances out 
> of the way is very welcome.
Um , todo that I had to understand how it works at the moment and see the code. Could I find it on github ?

Best Regards

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