[squid-users] R: Squid 100% CPU and possible attack

Job Job at colliniconsulting.it
Mon Oct 26 12:49:30 UTC 2015

Hello Amos!

>Something that would cause a machine to make lots of HTTP requests.
>You have provided almost no information about the network, it
>configuration, or uses etc. Having eliminated the usual problem(s) it is
>a waste of time to guess.

I have investigate better about the problem that brings up CPU and Squid process over 100%!
We have this situation: Dansguardian on port 8080 and Squid on port 3128.

The The problem appear when telnetting, from LAN, to:

Squid process raise up, in few seconds, to 100% and nobody can surf..

I disabled NAT, to make sure it was not a loop of iptables-transparent proxying redirection.

Have you good some suggestions for us?

Thank you again!

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