[squid-users] Squid 100% CPU and possible attack

Amos Jeffries squid3 at treenet.co.nz
Fri Oct 23 04:36:28 UTC 2015

On 23/10/2015 10:43 a.m., Job wrote:
> Hello,
> sometimes, for about half an hour, tour Squid becomes unstable and, by typing "top -s", Squid is taking the 100% of the CPU.
> In Squid's access.log, i see lots of entry like this:
> "Thu";"Oct";"22";"11:45:17";"2015";"21328";"";"TCP_MISS/000";"0";"GET";"";"-";"DIRECT/";"-"
> "Thu";"Oct";"22";"11:45:18";"2015";"19153";"";"TCP_MISS/000";"0";"GET";"";"-";"DIRECT/";"-"
> "Thu";"Oct";"22";"11:45:18";"2015";"20346";"";"TCP_MISS/000";"0";"GET";"";"-";"DIRECT/";"-"
> "Thu";"Oct";"22";"11:45:21";"2015";"20391";"";"TCP_MISS/000";"0";"GET";"";"-";"DIRECT/";"-"
> "Thu";"Oct";"22";"11:45:21";"2015";"19142";"";"TCP_MISS/000";"0";"GET";"";"-";"DIRECT/";"-"
> "Thu";"Oct";"22";"11:45:22";"2015";"19075";"";"TCP_MISS/000";"0";"GET";"";"-";"DIRECT/";"-"
> There seem be a possible attack/exploit from an internal machine? It is the in the example.
> Is there a patch or something to not spread up Squid to the 100% cpu limit for these "Attacks"?

That looks like the side effects of a forwarding loop DoS. Look for the
following line in your squid.conf and remove it:

  via off

That should return to Squid its ability to actually detect and abort
looping behaviour quickly and let you find the real problem. I suspect
it is a bad NAT configuration.


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