[squid-users] big files caching-only proxy

Leonardo Rodrigues leolistas at solutti.com.br
Wed Oct 21 18:13:00 UTC 2015


     I have a running setup for proxying only 'big' files, like Windows 
Update, Apple Updates and some other very specific URLs. That's working 
just fine, no problem on that.

     For avoiding caching small things on the URLs i want to have big 
files proxied, i setup the 'minimum_object_size' for 500Kb, for example. 
That's doing just fine, working flawlessly.

     Now i'm looking for caching instagram data. That's seems easy, 
instagram videos are already being cached, but i really dont know how to 
deal with the small images and thumbnails from the timetime. If i lower 
too much the minimum_object size, those will be cached as well as not 
wanted data from the other URLs.

     Question is: can the minimum_object_size be paired with some ACL ? 
Can i have a minimum_object globally and another one for specific URLs 
(from an ACL) for example?

     i'm running squid 3.5.8.


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