[squid-users] normal squid , can we cahce fcebook vidoes ?

Eliezer Croitoru eliezer at ngtech.co.il
Mon Oct 19 22:06:45 UTC 2015

This post was just in place since I wanted to add a section to the 
StoreID wiki.

StoreID is great but it gives a limited functionality.
Any site that present ETAG in the response breaks the StoreID functionality.
I have tested in the last couple weeks more then one site with a custom 
StoreID helper and it seems that since squid recreates the object 
HASH\STOREID it makes the StoreID helper decision useless.

I was considering the options to solve the issue in the past but nothing 
has been done until now.
Alex mentioned the option to Give ICAP the option to return a StoreID 
based on the response from the service.
I can see couple issues with this approach since on any ICAP response 
for a RESPMOD the body part is important and an integral part of the answer.

So even if someone claims to cache some sites with StoreID some sites 
cannot be de-duplicated using StoreID until some patches will be applied 
to squid.


On 16/10/2015 13:49, Amos Jeffries wrote:
> "Squid" is a proxy for general Internet usage. Hard-coding into it
> logics to cache one specific website, which may change at any time and
> break that code, it is not appropriate.
> There are still people offering Squid extensions that do YT caching.
> They have kind of gone underground again once it became clear that every
> time anyone documented in public how to cache the videos YT developers
> would suddenly change how the system worked and break that method of
> caching.
> FYI: SquidVideosBooster is one product that offers video caching
> extensions to Squid if you are looking for one. You will need to combine
> it with ssl-bump usage.
> Amos

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