[squid-users] Replacing Microsoft TMG by Squid.

Eliezer Croitoru eliezer at ngtech.co.il
Sun Oct 18 16:05:16 UTC 2015

Hey Sebastien,

What version of squid are you using? self compiled or RPMs?
It's clear that you do have basic_ldap_auth and you can use that to 
authenticate you users using that.

If you are trying to build squid from sources you will need ldap 
dependencies to be able to build LDAP auth.

I have seen the thread going on and on but you do have 
basic_ldap_auth... so what is the question at all about using that or not?


On 16/10/2015 20:51, Sebastien.Boulianne at cpu.ca wrote:
> Hi all,
> Like you know, Microsoft discountinued the TMG.
> The TMG was used as a reverse proxy.
> Since many days, I work to replace our TMG by a Squid server v3.5.10 with Oracle Linux 7 x64.
> I moved some sites this week but I have a little problem now.
> How can I ask LDAP credentials for a user who want to access a directory on another server ?
> I currently do that with our TMG.
> I used Google but I can only find doc about LDAP auth for users they want to access the internet.
> [root at squid squid]# cd /usr/lib64/squid/
> [root at squid squid]# ls
> basic_db_auth                 basic_pam_auth     cert_valid.pl           ext_session_acl       negotiate_kerberos_auth       url_fake_rewrite
> basic_getpwnam_auth           basic_pop3_auth    digest_edirectory_auth  ext_time_quota_acl    negotiate_kerberos_auth_test  url_fake_rewrite.sh
> basic_ldap_auth               basic_radius_auth  digest_file_auth        ext_unix_group_acl    ntlm_fake_auth
> basic_msnt_auth               basic_sasl_auth    digest_ldap_auth        ext_wbinfo_group_acl  ntlm_smb_lm_auth
> basic_msnt_multi_domain_auth  basic_smb_auth     diskd                   helper-mux.pl         ssl_crtd
> basic_ncsa_auth               basic_smb_auth.sh  ext_file_userip_acl     log_db_daemon         storeid_file_rewrite
> basic_nis_auth                cachemgr.cgi       ext_ldap_group_acl      log_file_daemon       unlinkd
> Thanks.
> Sebastien
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