[squid-users] normal squid , can we cahce fcebook vidoes ?

Amos Jeffries squid3 at treenet.co.nz
Fri Oct 16 10:49:40 UTC 2015

On 16/10/2015 5:15 a.m., Ahmad Alzaeem wrote:
> Hello Guys
> In the past , the videos were http in youtube & facebook
> Im asking simple question here 

> Is it possible for me as a normal squid user to be able to cache youtube &
> facebook vidoes in https ?

That depends on whether the Squid you are using has HTTPS decryption
capabilities (SSL-Bump) built.

> I hear that the old companies that were caching youtube in the pas still
> working now !!!
> Im wondering If that correct

Possibly. But their methods will not be the same as it was in the past.
YT content should be prefectly cacheable. But its devs have decided to
fight against letting HTTP working properly for the YT site.

> Im asking here , why squid don't have projects to develop youtube & facebook
> caching

"Squid" is a proxy for general Internet usage. Hard-coding into it
logics to cache one specific website, which may change at any time and
break that code, it is not appropriate.

There are still people offering Squid extensions that do YT caching.
They have kind of gone underground again once it became clear that every
time anyone documented in public how to cache the videos YT developers
would suddenly change how the system worked and break that method of

FYI: SquidVideosBooster is one product that offers video caching
extensions to Squid if you are looking for one. You will need to combine
it with ssl-bump usage.


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