[squid-users] Safari 9 vs. SSL Bump

Dan Charlesworth dan at getbusi.com
Wed Oct 14 03:39:23 UTC 2015


All I really have to go on is those errors com.apple.WebKit.Networking is logging which apparently points to a specific thing it’s missing called “forward transport security”. Only the peek at step1 seems to make it as far as any of squid’s logs.

No other browsers affected that I can find, not even mobile Safari. The sites that do and don’t fail seems random too.

Fine: instagram.com, getpocket.com, youtube.com

Not fine: httpbin.org, news.ycombinator.com, basecamp.com, wikipedia.org, dribbble.com, icloud.com, vimeo.com, reddit.com

> On 14 Oct 2015, at 2:13 PM, Jason Haar <Jason_Haar at trimble.com> wrote:
> On 14/10/15 16:08, Dan Charlesworth wrote:
>> I thought that fixed it for a second … 
>> But in reality ssl_bump peek step1 & ssl_bump bump step3 is actually splicing everything, it seems.
>> Any other advice? :-)
> Could this imply be a pinning issue? ie does Safari track the CAs used
> by those sites - thus causing the problem you see? Certainly matches the
> symptoms
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