[squid-users] Question about version, reverse-proxy and certificate wildcard

javier.sansaloni at burriana.es javier.sansaloni at burriana.es
Fri Oct 9 06:08:19 UTC 2015

I have a question about certificates wildcard.

I have a squid reverseproxy to provide many http servers in only one ip public.  The version of my squid is 3.1.19-1ubuntu2.
I have setup squid that work with ssl and I have setup a ssl server certificate but this certificate is only correct in one server.

I have read that is possible to install a wildcard (*.domain.es) that solves this problem, my question is if Squid have compatibility with this kind of certificate.

I need to pay so much money and I prefer ask you to know if is possible.

The installation is simple, is'nt it? I only need replace the ssl server certificate to wildcard certificate.

Thank you very much for your attention.
Javier Sansaloni Talens

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