[squid-users] authentication setup for squid-internal-mgr

Tory M Blue tmblue at gmail.com
Tue Oct 6 17:41:08 UTC 2015

So I was playing with squid-internal-mgr (replacement for cachemgr.cgi it
seems), but I have no real authentication access , other than my ACL's

acl manager url_regex -i ^cache_object:// +i

And limited to my networks obviously.

But as of now those pages are wide open, so anyone could go to /menu and
see /shutdown and type that in and bingo bango my squid server is shutdown.

So was wondering if there is a way to make some of these pages require
authentication? I'm not clear what "public" means in each instance below,



index                 	Cache Manager Interface         	public
 menu                  	Cache Manager Menu              	public
 offline_toggle        	Toggle offline_mode setting     	public
 shutdown              	Shut Down the Squid Process     	public
 reconfigure           	Reconfigure Squid               	public
 rotate                	Rotate Squid Logs               	public
 cached_ssl_cert       	Statistic of cached generated ssl certificates	public
 pconn                 	Persistent Connection Utilization Histograms	public
 mem                   	Memory Utilization              	public
 squidaio_counts       	Async IO Function Counters      	public
 diskd                 	DISKD Stats                     	public
 config                	Current Squid Configuration     	public
 client_list           	Cache Client List               	public
 comm_epoll_incoming   	comm_incoming() stats           	public
 ipcache               	IP Cache Stats and Contents     	public
 fqdncache             	FQDN Cache Stats and Contents   	public
 idns                  	Internal DNS Statistics         	public
 redirector            	URL Redirector Stats            	public
 store_id              	StoreId helper Stats            	public
 external_acl          	External ACL stats              	public
 http_headers          	HTTP Header Statistics          	public
 info                  	General Runtime Information     	public
 service_times         	Service Times (Percentiles)     	public
 filedescriptors       	Process Filedescriptor Allocation	public
 objects               	All Cache Objects               	public
 vm_objects            	In-Memory and In-Transit Objects	public
 io                    	Server-side network read() size histograms	public
 counters              	Traffic and Resource Counters   	public
 peer_select           	Peer Selection Algorithms       	public
 digest_stats          	Cache Digest and ICP blob       	public
 5min                  	5 Minute Average of Counters    	public
 60min                 	60 Minute Average of Counters   	public
 utilization           	Cache Utilization               	public
 histograms            	Full Histogram Counts           	public
 active_requests       	Client-side Active Requests     	public
 username_cache        	Active Cached Usernames         	public
 openfd_objects        	Objects with Swapout files open 	public
 store_digest          	Store Digest                    	public
 store_log_tags        	Histogram of store.log tags     	public
 storedir              	Store Directory Stats           	public
 store_io              	Store IO Interface Stats        	public
 store_check_cachable_stats	storeCheckCachable() Stats      	public
 refresh               	Refresh Algorithm Statistics    	public
 delay                 	Delay Pool Levels               	public
 forward               	Request Forwarding Statistics   	public
 cbdata                	Callback Data Registry Contents 	public
 sbuf                  	String-Buffer statistics        	public
 events                	Event Queue                     	public
 netdb                 	Network Measurement Database    	public
 asndb                 	AS Number Database              	public
 carp                  	CARP information                	public
 userhash              	peer userhash information       	public
 sourcehash            	peer sourcehash information     	public
 server_list           	Peer Cache Statistics           	public
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