[squid-users] Site not Working through SQUID

Antony Stone Antony.Stone at squid.open.source.it
Tue Oct 6 16:30:25 UTC 2015

On Tuesday 06 October 2015 at 17:40:11, Cristiano Nunes wrote:

> I have a Squid Version 3.9.Stable13 which is working perfect.
> Today I received a complanint of a users which is not able to browse a
> brazilian site.
> Squid log shows no DENY at all but the site only shows a white screen with
> no errors.
> I thought this was a site bug. So I set up a NAT to the user and for my
> surprise the site worked flawless.
> The site seems to user ports http(80) / https(443) and http(9080) all
> theses are not blocked by Squid.
> What could be the cause to this site not work through Squid.

That's a bit hard for us to tell without knowing:

 - the site the user was trying to access (so we can see what sort of HTML it 
returns, or try it on our own Squid setups, for example)

 - your Squid configuration (so we can see why the access ought to have worked)

 - what showed up in the Squid log file when the user tried to access the site 
(so we can see what Squid was asked to do, what it did, and what the result 

I suggest you:

 - tell us the URL

 - post your squid.conf without blank lines or comments (obscuring any 
sensitive data, if present)

 - post the Squid access log for the session (removing detail from any other 
sessions so long as you're sure they are unrelated).

That may give us some useful information to work on.



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