[squid-users] R: SSL Bump and NF getsockopt failed

Job Job at colliniconsulting.it
Mon Oct 5 12:06:36 UTC 2015

Hello Amos!

>The connection arriving at Squid does not have any NAT records in the
>Squid machine kernel.

>It is mandatory that NAT be done on the Squid machine. Not on some
>remote router (aka CPE "port-forwarding").
The iptables gateway is in the same machine where Squid+SSL bump run.

Our transparent proxy for 80/HTTP works perfectly, but users cannot access do https pages.

By consolle, if i telnet localhost 3129 (https intecept port), i have no connections, even though in netstat -avn | grep 3129 i have active and listening connections.

Please note i use the REDIRECT --to-port command in iptables.

Where am i wrong?

Thank you!

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