[squid-users] Ssl-Bump and revoked server certificates

Walter H. Walter.H at mathemainzel.info
Mon Oct 5 03:52:11 UTC 2015

On 04.10.2015 21:08, Walter H. wrote:
> Hello,
> does anybody know if squid does certificate checks and how to tell 
> squid to do so;
> this is a site with a revoked certificate
> https://revoked.grc.com/
> without squid, the browser shows that the certificate is revoked and 
> doesn't show the page
> with squid, the page is shown ...
> Thanks,
> Walter 

these are my sslproxy_* lines in squid.conf


sslproxy_options NO_SSLv2 NO_SSLv3 TLSv1 TLSv1_1 TLSv1_2
sslproxy_cafile /etc/pki/tls/certs/ca-bundle.trust.crt

acl ssl_expired_cert ssl_error X509_V_ERR_CERT_HAS_EXPIRED
acl ssl_revoked_cert ssl_error X509_V_ERR_CERT_REVOKED
sslproxy_cert_error deny ssl_expired_cert <-- must these be 'allow'?
sslproxy_cert_error deny ssl_revoked_cert
sslproxy_cert_sign signUntrusted ssl_revoked_cert <.-- how should I 
recognice if this won?
sslproxy_cert_sign signUntrusted ssl_expired_cert
sslproxy_cert_error deny all

and that doesn't work

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