[squid-users] ICAP response header ACL

Alex Rousskov rousskov at measurement-factory.com
Thu Oct 1 16:38:45 UTC 2015

On 10/01/2015 07:43 AM, Steve Hill wrote:

> The latest adaption response headers are available through the
> %adapt::<last_h logformat string, but is there any way to access these
> headers through an ACL?
> The documentation says that adaptation headers are available in the
> notes, but this only appears to be headers set with adaptation_meta, 

and with eCAP meta headers/options IIRC.

> not
> the ICAP response headers.  I had also considered using the "note"
> directive to explicitly stuff the headers into the notes, but it looks
> like the note directive doesn't allow you to use format strings (i.e.
> "note icap_headers %adapt::<last_h all" just sets the "icap_headers"
> note to "%adapt::<last_h" rather than substituting the headers.)

Both copying [certain] ICAP response headers to annotations and
supporting logformat %codes in the note (and other) directives are
wanted features that nobody has implemented yet. There are similar
features in the existing code (eCAP and request_header_add), so it
should not be a very difficult project. Deciding which headers to copy
and/or adding a configuration option to control that decision may be the
most difficult part.

Please note that the "note" directive is currently evaluated just before
logging. It is not very useful for adding annotations to in-progress



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