[squid-users] Block google pictures

Rafael Akchurin rafael.akchurin at diladele.com
Thu Nov 26 14:16:25 UTC 2015

Hello Martin,

It is possible to block requests going into Google image search with a couple of regexes directly in Squid – see for example the http://docs.diladele.com/faq/filtering/google_images.html. Please take into account the article talks about ICAP but it is also doable directly in Squid conf. But …

Google seem to quite often change the URL scheme for image searches so you must keep a close eye on it.

Given that image search is very popular in schools where puples prefer to search for images for their theses etc, it is still desirable to have the image search. So in this case:

-        Enforce safe search on google (not too restrictive but anyway)

-        And also enable the full text search for responses coming from image search. The responses from google are  usually quite descriptive – it contains not only images but also some surrounding text and it is possible to block in in ICAP.

Please note the thumbnail images themselves are inlined so image skin tone detection as in http://docs.diladele.com/administrator_guide_4_3/web_filter/policies/blocking_adult_content/image.html do not work.

P.S. MS says their bing hosts all adult images on different third level domains so it is much easier to block adult images in searches. But you know them :)

Best regards,
Rafael Akchurin
Diladele B.V.

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Hello list,

is there a way to block the access to the google picture search?

best regards
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