[squid-users] TCP-MISS 503 for wrong destination ip

Antony Stone Antony.Stone at squid.open.source.it
Tue Nov 24 14:12:20 UTC 2015

On Tuesday 24 November 2015 at 14:31:15, Ahmad Alzaeem wrote:

> The DNS is not broken , it will resolve some websites to ip address of
> squid and other websites will rslve to other ip

That sounds pretty broken to me (unless the Squid machine really is the web 
server for those sites whose hostname resolves to this IP address).

DNS might be deliberately broken, but it sure isn't working correctly or 

> Assume ips are static ips on clients

You have no alternative but to configure the proxy on the clients, then.

As Yuri says, Squid is an HTTP/S proxy - if you tell the clients to use it as 
a proxy (and provided you point Squid itself at a working DNS server), then it 
will work.

If you do not tell the clients to use Squid (ie: you are trying to use it in 
intercept mode) then the clients have to correctly resolve the destination IP, 
and they need to route via the Squid box so that it can intercept the packets.

If neither of those is an available option for you, then Squid can't help deal 
with your very unusual setup.



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