[squid-users] TCP-MISS 503 for wrong destination ip

Yuri Voinov yvoinov at gmail.com
Tue Nov 24 11:30:56 UTC 2015

The reason may be, for example, in the DNS cache poisoning. Or the 
transparent interception of DNS requests. In either case, the need to 
solve various actions and they are not connected with the SQUID.

24.11.15 17:22, Ahmad Alzaeem пишет:
> Hi Devs ,
> I have a server that send to squid http/https with wrong destination ips
> So assume I want  to open google
> The request hit the squid with https/http  packet with payload 
> www.google.com <http://www.google.com> with ds tip not  the 
> real ds tip of google like 74.125.x.x
> The question is being asked here is .
> Is it possible to let squid to do another resolving again and chck the 
> right dst ip (74.125.x.x) and reach it ?
> Or at least let squid skip looking @ the ds tip and look only at the 
> payload (google.com) and try to resolve it and operate ?
> Is that possible on squid ?
> thanks
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