[squid-users] Delay pools: HTTPS and rep_mime_type support

Filippo Martinelli filippo.martinelli at gmail.com
Wed Nov 18 07:53:58 UTC 2015

I'm struggling with squid delay pools. The documentation I found is very
poor and on internet there is contradictory and possibly surpassed
information. I would appreciate if you can point me to exhaustive
information on delay pools.

First question:

    acl aclname url_regex -i \.exe

will it match an HTTPS request ? According to my experience and from some
posts it will not, so cannot find any easy way to limit the bandwidth used
to download .exe files from an HTTPS connection. Am I missing something ?
The only suggestion google gave is to use something like "acl  aclname
methoid CONNECT" but it is too generic and will not discriminate between
long .exe download or single page access on HTTPS connections.

Second question:

    acl streaming_exe rep_mime_type application/octet-stream

Can rep_mime_type be used with delay_access poolNumber allow ? Again,
according to my experience and to some very old posts in internet it will
not work, but the documentation lacks this important limitation.



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