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徐永健 yongjianchn at sina.com
Wed Nov 18 07:00:26 UTC 2015

Hi, Eliezer:
I just solved this problem.Things are as follows:
The hostname is S-LAB-53, and I saw WANINGS in cache.log.------------------------------------------------2015/11/18 11:16:52 kid1| WARNING: 'S-LAB-53' rDNS test failed: (2) No such file or directory2015/11/18 11:16:52 kid1| WARNING: Could not determine this machines public hostname. Please configure one or set 'visible_hostname'--------------------------------------------------So I changed ' localhost' to ' localhost S-LAB-53' in '/etc/hosts' and restart squid. Then, the 2 seconds response time problem gone.
But the root cause is still unknown. :(

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On 10/11/2015 10:49, 徐永健 wrote:
> http_load -parallel 1 -seconds 20 url.txt
Can you run a simple test and share something from the cache manager 
- Start or restart squid.
- make sure there are no running requests
- dump the cache manager info page
- run one single run of the http_load
- when it finished dump the cache manger info page
- share both of the cache manager info page dumps
Also try this:
The same as the above test but change couple things in the test.
- Add the line "http_port 13128"
- Start or restart squid
- run the above test and dump the manager info with the url.txt file 
contains "http://squid_ip_address:13128/squid-internal-static/icons/SN.png"
- Share the cache manager info page dumps
Also it is unclear if the web service resides on the same host as the 
proxy or another.
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