[squid-users] squid3.4.8 don't call external helpe :-(

Jens Kallup jkallup at web.de
Tue Nov 17 21:47:15 UTC 2015


I have following squid3.4.8.conf:

I have remove the comments in the file, and do a little bit
changes; added acl and external helper.
Else, the rest should be identical with the original example
file that was included in install package.

squid seems to start normal.
when opening a browser, the user are asked for user/pass.

Is data ok, the user sit in a sandbox - or session.
Ok, so far.

Now, I want to call a external helper.
But it is not execute.
I don't know why.

I have set the permissions of files to user/perm:
squid:squid / 755

And, the config and logs are on different locations,
not the default system, to avoid overhead productive
hard disk system.

My system is Debian Jessie 8.2
Here is the script:

Please help, I am lost

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