[squid-users] affinity session load balancing

Patrick Chemla patrick.chemla at performance-managers.com
Mon Nov 16 09:35:39 UTC 2015


I am using squid for years, maybe with basic features, and I have a 
problem today with an app where I need to manage multiple backends, be 
sure that a user is always sent to the same one because the app writes 
on local disk, and I have 80% users coming from same IP.

So I need to load balance, not on the soucre IP, and I can't have a 
login on squid to identify each user, because it will create a double 
connexion procedure with the application login.

Is there a way that squid will recognize a new connexion, maybe same IP, 
and load balnace it to any backend using round-robin? some affinity 
session load balancing?


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