[squid-users] Squid "bumping" traffic despite using "splice" directive

Alex Rousskov rousskov at measurement-factory.com
Thu Nov 12 19:12:58 UTC 2015

On 11/12/2015 11:31 AM, Tom Mowbray wrote:
> We're seeing some strange behavior where certain sites, especially those
> hosted by Google, including youtube.com <http://youtube.com>, where the
> HTTPS traffic is being "bumped" and users are getting certificate errors
> with our self-signed certificate and CA appearing in the certificate
> details.

Can you tell what Squid is sending on some of those bumped connections?
Could it be an error message? What does access.log say?

> What is strange is that we have the squid.conf set to either "splice" or
> "terminate" all HTTPS traffic.  There is NO traffic that is supposed to
> be bumped at all (because we are not able to load our CA cert on all
> client machines).
> Here is the significant portion of our squid.conf:
> acl sslallow ssl::server_name "/path/to/file"
> ssl_bump peek all
> ssl_bump splice sslallow
> ssl_bump terminate all
> Most of the sites in acl sslallow work as expected...but some sites come
> back with a certificate error as described above, suggesting that they
> were "bumped" using our mimicked certificate.  This behavior also isn't
> 100% reproducible...sometimes it works as expected, though it usually
> does not.

Do you tell Squid to splice on all SSL validation errors and when seeing
non-SSL traffic on expecting-SSL connections? If yes, then this is most
likely a Squid bug. Otherwise, perhaps Squid is trying to inform users
of an error? Triage is needed to understand why Squid is bumping.

There is also a possibly related bug 4321, but it should not affect
steps 2 and 3 where you terminate connections:

> Another note:  Seems to happen mainly on mobile browsers and on Chrome
> browser running on Google Chromebooks.
> Is there something I'm missing?  Is there a way to ensure that NO sites
> are being bumped at all?

Yes, there are (or should be) three ways:

1. Do not use SslBump at all.

2. Use "ssl_bump splice all" rule and no other ssl_bump rule.

3. Do not use any "ssl_bump bump" and "ssl_bump stare" rules while
allowing all SSL errors and non-SSL traffic.

#1 is known to work. Others may or may not work, depending on your Squid
version, yet-unknown Squid bugs, and other specifics.

>  (For our deployment, we'd rather terminate
> than bump if splicing isn't possible).

Your ssl_bump rules reflect your intent. However, when you use "ssl_bump
peek all", Squid has to validate SSL clients and servers (to various
degrees). Other Squid directives tell Squid what to do when that
validation fails. The ones I remember are on_unsupported_protocol and
sslproxy_cert_error. Do you configure those directives to ignore all
errors (and, hence, let users deal with them, including abusing them for
tunnelling anything through your Squid)?



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