[squid-users] ACL and http_access

Magic Link magiclink at outlook.com
Thu Nov 12 14:55:10 UTC 2015

I want people don't have access to Internet, except one hour twice a day with only some urls.listed in a file.I use the ACL type "time" and "url_regex" but it doesn't work. I think i don't do well with the order of http_access too.Is it possible with squid only to do what i want ?
Here is my squid.conf :
acl network src working_hours time MTWHF 09:30-10:30acl out_working_hours MTWHF 17:30-18:30acl whitelist url_regex "/etc/squid3/allow.acl"acl SSL_ports port 443acl Safe_ports port 80		# httpacl Safe_ports port 21		# ftpacl Safe_ports port 443		# httpsacl Safe_ports port 70		# gopheracl Safe_ports port 210		# waisacl Safe_ports port 1025-65535	# unregistered portsacl Safe_ports port 280		# http-mgmtacl Safe_ports port 488		# gss-httpacl Safe_ports port 591		# filemakeracl Safe_ports port 777		# multiling httpacl CONNECT method CONNECThttp_access deny !Safe_portshttp_access deny CONNECT !SSL_portshttp_access allow localhost managerhttp_access deny managerhttp_access allow localhosthttp_access deny out_working_hourshttp_access allow working_hours whitelisthttp_access allow networkhttp_access deny allhttp_port 3128coredump_dir /var/spool/squid3refresh_pattern ^ftp:		1440	20%	10080refresh_pattern ^gopher:	1440	0%	1440refresh_pattern -i (/cgi-bin/|\?) 0	0%	0refresh_pattern .		0	20%	4320debug_options 28,4
Sorry for my bad english, thank you very much ! 		 	   		  
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