[squid-users] Multicast WCCPv2 + Squid 3.3.8

Fatah Mumtaz fatahmumtaz at gmail.com
Wed Nov 11 04:25:41 UTC 2015

Hi everyone,
Currently i'm building lab for my thesis on the topic Multicast WCCPv2 with
Squid. I'm trying to config WCCPv2 to work with single proxy server (Squid
3.3.8) and multiple Cisco 2821 routers. WCCPv2 works well with one proxy
server and one router configuration. It's been 2 months since I'm trying to
implement multicast WCCPv2 and actually I don't know how to config Squid to
be able to communicate with multiple routers using multicast to announce
itself presence. Because I've read the documentation from Cisco and I've
concluded into something like this "the routers are somehow the "clients"
but not by sending IGMP messages, just by listening for multicast packets
send by the "sources", the cache engines, on a specific multicast group
address. " . So the proxy server (or Squid) acted as the multicast server
that sends multicast packets. Been look over the net and still have no clue.

And my question is simple :
1. Is it possible to config squid to announce itself presence to the
routers using multicast? And if it is possible, please kindly provide any

I also attached the topology i'm working on and please tell me if you need
any further info.

Thank You
Fatah Mumtaz
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