[squid-users] Assert, followed by shm_open() fail.

Steve Hill steve at opendium.com
Mon Nov 9 17:58:59 UTC 2015

On Squid 3.5.11 I'm seeing occasional asserts:

2015/11/09 13:45:21 kid1| assertion failed: DestinationIp.cc:41: 
"checklist->conn() && checklist->conn()->clientConnection != NULL"

More concerning though, is that usually when a Squid process crashes, it 
is automatically restarted, but following these asserts I'm often seeing:

FATAL: Ipc::Mem::Segment::open failed to 
shm_open(/squidnocache-squidnocache-cf__metadata.shm): (2) No such file 
or directory

After this, Squid is still running, but won't service requests and 
requires a manual restart.

Has anyone seen this before?


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