[squid-users] authentication of every GET request from part of URL?

Sreenath BH bhsreenath at gmail.com
Fri Nov 6 12:33:28 UTC 2015

I am very new to Squid, and think have a strange requirement.
We want to serve cached content only if the client has been
authenticated before.
Since we don't expect the client software to send any information in
headers, we embed a token in the URL that we present to the user.

So when the client s/w uses this URL, we want to extract the token
from URL and do a small database query to ensure that the token is

This is in accelerator mode.
Is it possible to use something similar to basic_fake_auth and put my
code there that does some database query?
If the query fails, we don't return the cached content?

Basically what I am looking for is ability to execute some script for
every request.

Any tips greatly appreciated.


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