[squid-users] Is ntlm_fake_auth known to work?

Edouard Gaulué edouard at e-gaulue.com
Thu Nov 5 09:39:34 UTC 2015

Le 05/11/2015 04:18, Amos Jeffries a écrit :
> Depends on what Squid version you are using. It was broken for a few
> years. We fixed that issue a few months back and it was apparently
> working now. that Good news is you can grab the latest Squid code (v4 or
> 3.5), build it and use the helper generated on older Squid installations
> if you need to use old Squid for some reason.
> It also depends on what software you are trying to authenticate. NTLM
> was deprecated in 2006 by MS and they started disabling it by default in
> software since 2006, and fully removed it from some products around 2010
> sometime.
> It also depends what security level you have your NTLM set to. Use with
> NLMv2-only clients may vary. It will definitely not work with NTLMv2
> with security extensions.
> Amos
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Well maybe I'm doing something wrong. My current production version 
3.4.8 with ntlm_auth (debian) using squid-2.5-ntlmssp worked nicely. But 
as I don't really need authentication, just the username I wanted to get 
rid of the samba stuff. I've compiled 3.5.10 (debian) and tried 
ntlm_fake_auth and I keep getting the user/password screen on the browser.

I know NTLM really depends on client, but I hoped what have worked with 
ntlm_auth would have worked with ntlm_fake_auth.

Any clue?


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