[squid-users] squid with slow client

Hector Chan hectorchan at gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 22:18:19 UTC 2015

Hi all,

How does squid behave when it is downloading a 5+GB file with a slow
client?  I see my client (curl) exited with error code 18 (
CURLE_PARTIAL_FILE) when downloading a 5+GB file from squid.  It was a
cache miss, so the file was actually being fetched from the origin server.
When it is cache hit, I don't see the curl error.

What I observed was that squid was downloading from the origin server at
about 750 KB/s, and the client was downloading from squid at about 10 to 50
KB/s.  The client was geographically far from squid.

I am using the ufs disk cache:

cache_replacement_policy lru
minimum_object_size 1 bytes
cache_dir ufs /data/squid/cache 130000 16 256 max-size=26843545600

Here is the error I found in cache.log:

2015/03/18 16:53:07.263| client_side_reply.cc(1185) replyStatus:
clientReplyStatus: transfer is DONE
2015/03/18 16:53:07.263| client_side_reply.cc(1201) replyStatus:
clientReplyStatus: client didn't get all it expected
2015/03/18 16:53:07.263| cbdata.cc(510) cbdataReferenceValid:
cbdataReferenceValid: 0x1707a48
2015/03/18 16:53:07.263| client_side.cc(1917) stopSending: sending error
(local= remote= FD 8 flags=1):
r: none

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