[squid-users] Redirect on Debian 7

nobs at nobswolf.info nobs at nobswolf.info
Thu Mar 19 10:28:59 UTC 2015


I use the standard-Squid on Debian 7 and I'd like to create a 
redirect script.

The documentation looks quite simple, but its not very logical to me.
Some say just repeating the URL is ok, others say there is an ID
that needs to get repeated in the answer. Some say you need to
send an OK with the answer.

Then I tried to use a simple script with tee to debug. It works
quite well on the console, but does nothing in Squid. Squid 
behaves strange when I use the script.

So: Is there a tutorial that fits the Debian 7 version (3.1.20-2.2+deb7u2)
for a dummy like me that explains how to create a redirect script 
including logging?

Thanks in advance


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