[squid-users] v3.5.x RPM for CentOS 6

Eliezer Croitoru eliezer at ngtech.co.il
Wed Mar 18 20:11:46 UTC 2015

Hey List,

Sorry but it takes time(for me) to test squid 3.5.
I have built a testing beta of 3.5 for CentOS 7 but yet to publish it 

Since you have asked, then the main issue is that RH RPM auto building 
tools helps to find dependencies and there for most of the helpers 
need\requires EPEL repositories.
Due to this fact I have separated squid "core" and "helpers" into 
different packages.

The pinger is part of the "core" squid package and one of the tests I 
ran on the 6 branch that the pinger would get suid flaged since it 
"needs" it or rather the OS "requires" it since it handles ICMP.

For most regular setups pinger is not needed to make the service work 
and serve the clients.
If your setup requires it then you will need to enable suid or else you 
can disable pinger using "pinger_enable off" also look at:

"chmod u+s /path/pinger" should be the correct suid set command (and I 
think that if you ask about it then you probably don't need it).


On 18/03/2015 13:11, Amos Jeffries wrote:
> perl ?
> The helpers that require it are scripts, not compiled binaries. So they
> should run with any perl 4/5 version normally installed.
> Even just installing the modules with cpan should work.
>> >- How do I grant the “pinger” the correct permissions in CentOS 6?
> Should be possible just to install Squid with:
>    make install install-pinger
> Amos

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