[squid-users] Editing Makefile.am to include static libraries

Priya Agarwal priya_agarwal at students.iitmandi.ac.in
Fri Mar 13 09:19:24 UTC 2015


I wanted to link certain static libraries and use them in squid source
code. I added the following lines in Makefile.am of the 'src' directory.

squid_LDFLAGS =

squid_LDLIBS = -lusdpaa_dma -lusdpaa_dpa_offload -lusdpaa_of -lusdpaa_ppac
-lusdpaa_qbman -lusdpaa_rmu -lusdpaa_srio -lusdpaa_dma_mem -lusdpaa_fman
-lusdpaa_pme \
               -lusdpaa_process -lusdpaa_rman -lusdpaa_sec -lusdpaa_syscfg

squid_CPPFLAGS =

But I think this wrong as libraries aren't getting linked. I am getting
"undefined reference to" errors.
So what variables should I add/change.


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