[squid-users] One Time Password with squid, exists?

Eliezer Croitoru eliezer at ngtech.co.il
Fri Mar 13 08:46:05 UTC 2015

On 13/03/2015 05:22, Daniel Greenwald wrote:
> Ah that would be a clever way to implement pki authentication but i was
> thinking of something more that browser natively support..

Hey Daniel,

What is the direction of what you are thinking about?
I do not know about a browser natively support option.
The options I have seen until now are a local client in java or other 
languages which implements the whole secure level and the browser uses 
this layer to contact either a proxy or using a route as the default GW.

I think that it depends on the security level of the information in most 
If I do not trust the client\end machine such as in an Internet cafe I 
assume it will be pretty unsmart to assume any such implementation like 
pki will help.
If I do have a basic level of trust on the machine but not the network, 
it will be pretty simple to use a secure client like used in many cases 
with ssh tunnels.


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