[squid-users] Redirecting traffic to fake parent

Sebastian Goicochea sebag at vianetcon.com.ar
Tue Mar 3 20:35:05 UTC 2015

Hello everyone, I'm experimenting with cache_peer directive and node.js:

cache_peer parent 8888 0 no-query no-digest proxy-only name=test

in that port I have a node.js Proxy receiveing connections in the same 
host, it extracts some information I need and saves it to a DB, then 
redirects Squid with a 302 response with some garbage added to the url. 
I use that garbage to match an access list so I can prevent looping.

Squid is working in transparent mode, the problem I'm facing is that if 
I don't configure a tcp_outgoing_address Squid does not reach port 8888 
on localhost. If I set a tcp_outgoing_address Squid can reach 
localhost:8888 but with his own IP address and I need it to be 
transparent, I need the real client IP address.

Is there a way to configure tcp_outgoing_address to use the client's IP 
when fetching something?

Some config lines that might help:

acl donotredirect url_regex .*56498765123168.*
cache_peer_access test deny donotredirect

acl kk url_regex .*redirectthisstuff.*
cache_peer_access test allow kk
cache_peer_access test deny all
never_direct deny donotredirect
never_direct allow kk

Thanks for your time


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