[squid-users] question about encrypted connection between https client and Squid

Julianne Bielski bielsk at us.ibm.com
Sun Mar 1 17:18:24 UTC 2015

I have an https client (not a browser) that normally connects to a reverse
proxy. When it needs to go through a forward proxy, it requests a CONNECT
I now have a requirement to also be able to encrypt the connection between
my client and the forward proxy, and I think this is possible using Squid
and the
https_port directive (??)
My question is, will my https client now have to decrypt twice? Once for
the connection with the forward proxy and once for the connection with the
reverse proxy?
Also, must my https client still send a CONNECT message to Squid, or does
it just connect to Squid's https_port at the TCP level, perform the SSL
and then open a TCP connection to the reverse proxy?


J. Bielski
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