[squid-users] i meet a problem , --- Unsupported Request Method and Protocol'' for such connections ( non-HTTP connections ) based 80 port ----, if possible , please give me some advisement or help

johnzeng johnzeng2013 at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 1 03:46:32 UTC 2015

Hello  Eliezer:

                        Thanks for your reply ,  although squid 2.7 
stables 9 don't support Tproxy really , but We realize the function via 
patch third patch .

                        Why we meet the problem (  Unsupported Request 
Method and Protocol ) ?  although some special application communicate 
based 80 port ,

                        they don't use http protocol or they change http 
protocol and method isn't GET OR POST . for example : QQ application and 
some QQ game .

                        But squid don't support other protocol except 
normal http protocol  or don't support other method except GET .. of 
http protocol , for example HEAD.

                        So if it's a transparent proxy , and you will 
access these application , We have to face the problem .

                       Why i don't use highest version ago , include 
squid 3.5.2 ,

                       because  squid 2.7 stable 9 can support coss for 
small http object

                       and We don't confirm whether squid 3.5.2 can 
support small http object via rock or coss .

                      i know these are some function ( 
on_unsupported_protocol ) in 3.HEAD and ,

                      it won't be very stable or we have to use 
trunk-non-HTTP-bypass-v8.patch for squid 3.5.2


                     Thanks again for your reply


于 2015年03月01日 05:45, Eliezer Croitoru 写道:
> Hey,
> It is a bit hard to understand the scenario but I assume it's a 
> transparent proxy for port 80? right?
> In any case what so ever squid 2.7 is old and preferably should not be 
> used in production unless there is a very specific need for it while 
> taking into account the advantages and disadvantages.
> If you search via www.ask.com it should work on any version of squid 
> like it worked for me in the last who knows how many years.
> The best start point would be to get couple lines from the access.log 
> and a description of the network infrastructure.
> (consider to replace\remove any confidential information)
> All The Bests,
> Eliezer Croitoru
> On 28/02/2015 05:18, johnzeng wrote:
>> Hi all :
>> i meet a problem ,Squid cannot currently deal with such connections (
>> non-HTTP connections ) based 80 port , and We get some error ,
>> Unsupported Request Method and Protocol'' for https URLs..
>> i search viawww.ask.com  , but i don't good way .
>> if possible ,i hope to use squid 2.7 stable9 , Maybe it will be 
>> stable version untile now .
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