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If it was my project : archlinux using yaourt and each needed package
compiled in a VM

I work at a company as sysadmin and proxy aren't in my side (network
So if i can configure a repository or sync a repository with the response :
go head it will be here for years.., if not i have to deal with distrib
package :P

Even in a VM i prefered a debian server than a RHEL
By the way the good thing it's not a AIX proxy ;)

Hash: SHA256

I do not understand the love of archaeological fossils. It repositories
such junk lying around? :-D

20.12.15 0:56, Jean Christophe Ventura пишет:
> Hi,
> I'm currently working to migrate RHEL5 2.7 Squid to RHEL7 3.3.
> I have migrated the config files to be 3.3 compliant (CIDR, remove of
> deprecated function,change cache from UFS to AUFS) without any change
> (cache mem, policy, smp)
> The new platform is a 4 node R610 (24 proc hyperthreading activate)
> with 48GB of RAM, only 143GB disk in RAID for OS and cache. Each node
> is connected to the network using 2x1Gbit bonding 2/3 level (some
> network port are available on the server).
> bandwidth allocated for Internet users 400Mbit
> The difference between the old plateform and the new one doesn't seem
> to be very fantastic :P
> I have read the mailing list history alot.
> Squid release:
> So i know 3.3 isn't anymore maintain but this infrastructure will be
> not maintain by myself and i don't think that people behind will do
> the update them self
> If a official repository exist, maybe this question will be reopen
> (from what i have read it's more some of you build packages from
> source and give them to people)
> Squid auth:
> It's transparent/basic auth only filtering some ip with acl.
> Squid bandwidth:
> Currently a squid node treat something like 30/50Mbit (information
> recovered using iftop)
> From previous viewed mail i think it's normal for a non-smp configuration
> Squid measure:
> [root at xxxx ~]# squidclient mgr:5min | grep 'client_http.requests'
> client_http.requests = 233.206612/sec
> other info
> Cache information for squid:
>         Hits as % of all requests:      5min: 6.8%, 60min: 7.1%
>         Hits as % of bytes sent:        5min: 4.7%, 60min: 4.4%
>         Memory hits as % of hit requests:       5min: 21.4%, 60min: 21.5%
>         Disk hits as % of hit requests: 5min: 34.7%, 60min: 30.8%
>         Storage Swap size:      9573016 KB
>         Storage Swap capacity:  91.3% used,  8.7% free
>         Storage Mem size:       519352 KB
>         Storage Mem capacity:   99.1% used,  0.9% free
>         Mean Object Size:       47.71 KB
> Now question and advise :
> This metrics seem too low for me. anyone of you agree ?
> 4 node x 50Mbit node= 200Mbit
> To treat the maxbandwidth (400Mbit) + the lost of one host i need to
> configure 4 thread by node.
> Is there any reason or brillant idea for more (i will have some core
> still available) ? calculation too empirical ?
> This url http://wiki.squid-cache.org/ConfigExamples/SmpCarpCluster
> seem to be a good start :P
> Using this method i can interconnect each proxy to share their cache
> (maybe using dedicated network port). Usefull or not ? may this
> increase the hit ratio ? if this idea is'nt stupid interconnet using
> the frontend only or directy to each ?
> For now i have :
> - 100GB of disk available for cache
> - 40GB   of RAM (let 8 for OS + squid disk cache related ram usage)
> 1 front with the RAM cache and 4 back with disk cache.
> AUFS or ROCK cache? mix of them ? 50% each ? maybe another rules ?
> (i think it's will be linked to the cache content but any advise or
> method is welcome)
> I can get more speed and/or space for disk cache using SAN, do you
> know if the data is sequential or random ?
> Any advise/rules to increase the hit ratio ? :)
> Any general advise/rules ?
> Thanks for your help
> Jean Christophe VENTURA
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